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Dead Ringer Secondary?

Hi folks.

I’ve got 8 brews under my belt, but this is the first with a dry hop addition. I am brewing the Dead Ringer IPA

I have yet to see a need for a secondary as I simply add additional time to the primary and have very good results on each brew. Does anyone have experience with Dead Ringer either with or without a secondary?

Would love to hear your experience or tips for this brew as well as any thoughts on the additional car boy.

Thank in advance!! :cheers:

I’m of the opinion that when you’re adding something to the beer, such as hops, fruit, oak chips, etc…that you should transfer to a secondary vessel. There are others who say to just dry hop in the primary.

Honestly, if probably works just fine either way.

Though, if you plan on harvesting your yeast, you’ll want to move to secondary so you don’t crud up the yeast cake with hops.

I’ve made this one twice using a 2 week secondary for the dry hopping. In this case it seems to also help get the FG down a bit more. Just keep everything super sanitary and it will come out great. Consider the use of a hop bag to keep the hops out of your bottles. Also made the same recipe using only cascade hops with good results.

You can just dry hop in the primary if you want.
I actually prefer dry hopping in the primary when the beer is just barely fermenting so there is some agitation to the hops. Short dry hops sometimes multiple times

You can DH in primary, but I find you get better results from DH in secondary. Getting it off the yeast seems to help, IMHO.

If you don’t have a carboy It’s no big deal. The extra time in your primary is your secondary.
As was said already just dry hop in the primary vessel.

Not only do I like to dry hop in the primary, I then like to rack to glass for more dry hopping.

Thanks all!

I’m gonna rack to a secondary to get the beer off the yeast cake as well as free up the fermentor for a batch of 90 schilling.

I like the idea of a hop bag and now have one on the way.

Thanks again!

I have done this batch multiple times. I always just DH in primary and then cold crash before I keg. I would recommend using at least 2 oz of hops for a 5 gallon batch. I have DH with cent and simcoe with great results. I like the cleaning aspect of a hop bag, but I find it takes a bit longer to infuse the beer. However you decide, I would still use more than an once of DH.

+1. No need to secondary. Save yourself from cleaning another vessel. Stick them in a grain bag and cold crash your beer.

I got a hop bag from NB and soaked it in a star san solution before loading the hops. This should have no effect on the beer right?

Great idea on the hop bag folks!

Also, I decided to skip a secondary and just grabbed another primary for my next batch. I also went with 2 oz. of cent as well.

Thanks all!

I just opened up and tried my first home brew ever. The dead ringer. I used just a primary and it came out great. 2 weeks in primary and then 1 week dry hopped in primary. Looks clear tastes great. So in my opinion primary works great. I will eventually try a secondary just to try it. But for now primary worked great.

How did you dry hop? Did it settle well?

How did you dry hop? Did it settle well?[/quote]

Sanitized around the lid and opened it up and just added the hops to the primary. They settled out nicely.

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