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Dead Ringer IPA

Just another newby question. I brewed my first two one gallon batches. My American Wheat turned out the correct color and has an awesome taste. My Dead Ringer IPA taste great but is way darker than NB’s pictures of it in the catalogue. Cana anyone tell me what I did to make this too dark? Thanks for any suggestions.

Way to many variables to say without more info.
Was this an all-extract (or extract with specialty grains?)
how long a boil, what temps ferment, so on and so forth.
My rough guess, if this was an extract brew, you probably added all the extract at the beginning of the boil, right? This can cause colors to change, for the darker, in the finished product.
Before I switched to all-grain, the last few extract brews I did I would add half the extract at the beginning, and the rest with about 15 - 20 minutes left.

Yep lots of variable especially for a newby like me. Thanks for giving me some good ideas on what to start working on to make my beer more appealing. At least it did taste great. Thanks again

Mine turned out the same way. It was delicious though. On a related note, I just bottled the Anarchy in the UK IPA. It calls for 3 dry hop additions. After 2 weeks of that, it still had a huge, thick cap of hop residue at the top. So, per the recommendations of those on this forum way more advanced than I, I cold crashed the carboy (by placing it in a stationary tub and covering the entire carboy w/ ice for 2 solid days). It settled the hop cap to the bottom, and I noticed that the beer’s color was much lighter than it was before I cold crashed it. My takeaway was that a cold crash might also clarify the beer a tad??? Not sure of the science or cause and effect, so perhaps others will weigh in on this.

brw , I think you have it right from what I just read. My nexxt two batches are going to get the cold crash treatment before bottling and that will let me see that also. So I will post the results in a week. I have two one gallon batches to bottle in a week. Thanks to all who have replied.

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