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Dead Ringer IPA

After seeing how good the reviews were for the Dead Ringer IPA, I had to buy it to give it a try. I will be brewing it this Sunday.

I was just wondering if anyone had any strong opinions on it or made any tweaks to the default recipe as an improvement?

Good question. I’ve brewed it once and did the following:

Added an extra lb of pale malt to the mash
Added 1 lb of sugar boiled and cooled to primary 48hrs after pitching yeast,

All hop additions were per the schedule. I do remember it being lemony though.


I adjusted one of the later hop additions and moved it up on the hop schedule so that i’d hit 80 IBUs. I also added amarillo, chinook, and simcoe to the dry hop and the beer was gone in two weeks. I had non IPA fans readily drinking it. It ended up being quite a grapefruit bomb.

I have brewed it five times both all grain and extract plus I’m drinking one from the keg right now and I’m enjoying it but I’m starting to get kinda burnt out on it :frowning:
Wanted to add that I have several beers right now that i wish would just kick so that I could put something else in them.
Just made my second session IPA and I need to stop trying to use carafa 2 in it blah now I’m stuck with several gallons of it.

Thanks for the advice guys. I really appreciate the input. I was giving allot of thought to modifying the hop profile but did not want to mess up a recipe that might already be perfect.

It looks like I am going to have to push this batch back two weeks so I can try and get an Oktoberfest ale done in time for a party.


ive done this recipe as is 3 times and i wouldnt change a thing. i think the longer it sits the better it drinking one now! :cheers:

I would just brew it according to the recipe first, then adjust if you need to next time.

The first time I did as is and loved it but do like hoppier IPA’s so the second time, I added a bit more aroma and dry hops and I thought the nose was more enjoyable.
This is a middle of the road IPA in terms of hop character and a very good balance.

This is a middle of the road IPA in terms of hop character and a very good balance.[/quote]
That was my problem, i prefer unbalanced IPAs i like them to be be very slanted towards the hoppy side with no maltiness. Having said this, the more i drink IPA the more i’m starting to appreciate a balanced one though. Especially when made with marris otter.

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