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Dead Ringer IPA with 3726?

Hey guys, been lurkin for a while and finally have a question.
I need to ferment my next beer hot. (75-85F)
I want to make a Saison IPA if such a thing exists.
My plan is to use the Dead Ringer extract kit to a T except for the yeast.
I’d substitute Wyest 3726 and would be fermenting it hot.


If you’re fermenting at the higher temp you’re going to get a lot of esters and funk from the yeast which might clash with the higher IBUs. Plus the (presumably) lower FG with the saison yeast is going to put you in the 8% ABV range making for even more noise. If I was trying this with a kit, I would ask for the grains to be separate and drop a lb of the base grain to lower the ABV and I would put an oz of Centennial at FWH and the rest at 5-min and FO, 50/50 split (and keep the dryhop) in order to lower the IBUs while keeping the hop character. And if I had to ferment warmer, I would chill the wort down to ~60F (or even a bit lower if possible) before pitching, then let the temp rise.

Ahh cool, thanks for the help =)
Here’s my modified recipe now: … saison-ipa
Brought the IBU down to 38.2 and the ABV to 7.6, maybe the ABV is still a bit high?

And I can definitely get it below 60 for the initial fermentation to let it warm up as it ferments, I’ll just throw my topping water in the fridge. Usually brings my wort to sub ~50F
I’m curious as to what letting it warm up will do?
Will it subdue the spice/peppery taste from the yeast a bit?

Sorry, I missed the “extract kit” in your OP. I think you’ll be fine with your revised recipe, at least for a starting point for building a custom Belgian IPA - only change I would make is to put some hops as FWH to emphasize hop flavor and shoot for ~45 IBUs total. I don’t know if that yeast will get you to 1.013 or go lower (which would be preferable).

Ah I see…had to look up FWH lol.
I’m guessing it will just be when I start warming the water for the grain steep since I won’t be sparging right?

Add the FWH after you pull the grain and begin heating to the boil.

Cool glad I asked.
I’m gonna try it out and see what happens =)
I really appreciate the help, I feel more confident about this now.
I feel like I’m gonna get into a whole 'nother side of homebrewing.

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