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Dead ringer IBU?

Hello I have a ? about the 3gal BIAB Dead Ringer IPA IBU’s???

Me do 5.5 to 10 gallon batches. Never did a 3 gal batch. But ibu wise i would not go higher than 60 ibu. Think insted using. 1 oz. Centennial. I would use 0.5 oz during. The hop schedule. Its all. Cetennial hops. Before the dryhop take a taste sample. See if you have to use the 1oz cetennial if you thing to strong. Just add 0.5 cetennial. Love to brew this. Its a nice beer.

I never brewed it but I do 3.5 oz Centennial in 5gal of my 2 hearted recipe and so I’d easily use 1 oz in 3gal. If I where making it I’d probably go 2oz.

So…what’s the question?

Right , 60 IBU

What I’m pondering… Sneezles61

Im just watching House.

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I do the 3-gal D.R. All the time. It’s kinda the Honda Civic of IPAs.

Nothing extreme or exciting, but it’s reliable, and get you where you want to be.

What was the question?

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