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Dead Ringer carbinatiion problems

Looking for help. Brewed the Dead Ringer IPA according to instructions
(secondary fermentation carboy). Beer tastes good but has low carbonation? I’m pretty new to brewing(six extract kits) and never had this problem. Any ideas?

When did you bottle it, how much and what type of priming sugar, what was your FG, what temp have you kept them at?
These are questions we need answers to before we can take a guess.

Beer was in the carboy for four weeks then bottled, 5 oz of Fermenters favorites corn sugar from kit. Temp was at 68 to 65, I didn’t open the first bottle for three weeks after bottling. From notes FG 1.003

Everything looks good, except for your carbonation temperature. It works best when you can get that temp up into the 70-75 range. It will work at 65-68, but will take an extra week or 3.
So, at this point, invert the bottles to resuspend the yeast and warm them up for another week. Carbonation is close to foolproof.

I’ll give that a try. Thanks James

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