De-crystallizing large amounts of honey

Long story short. My family keeps bees and am currently in possession of 5 gallons of super crystallized honey. It’s over 10 years old and I want to make mead with it. Suggestions on how to de crystallize it???

Heating it will decrystalize it, but it will drive off some of the aromatic compounds that you want to have in your mead. Best option would probably be to scoop out chunks and mix well in water. Takes some time and is a lot of work, but will get the job done.

Yeah I was afraid of that. Currently I have it sitting in a large rope bucket filled with water. I have had it outside in the shade for a few days hoping that the really warm temps here in South Carolina will warm the water and slowly de crystallize it.

It will…eventually. It might take months going that way, because the honey will sink to the bottom and only slowly dissolve into the water at the interface.

Stirring will get the job done much, much faster.

Yeah I’ve already thought about that. Problem is, is that I want to taste the honey after stirring it each time!