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Dawson's little bear CDA

So i’m thinking of brewing Dawson’s little bear cda: … ssion-cda/
His recipe is a partial boil extract so he’s using 1oz warrior @ 60 for bittering, and the notes mention to keep the ibus around 40.

Original Hop Schedule:

  • 1 oz Warrior @ 60″
  • 0.5 oz Ahtanum (or Cascade) @ 10″
  • 0.5 oz Ahtanum (or Cascade) @ 0″
    Secondary fermentation:
  • 1 oz Centennial (dry hop)

Scaling this to a full boil 5.5 gallon batch, that full ounce bounces the ibus rather high. I’m thinking of altering it to .5 ounce @ 60, and upping the
10 min addition to 1 oz Cascade with keeping the flameout at .5 oz .

The recipe lists a dry hop with centennial, would anyone expect any adverse flavors by adding the other .5 oz warrior to the DH as well?
Since i’ll be purchasing 2 oz of Cascade, maybe add that left over .5 to the dh also.

Any opinions / speculation greatly appreciated! is a great place to play around with recipes. Put in your ingredients and process and it can give you the numbers. Try that out to hone in IBUs with full-boil.

As for dry hopping with Warrior, it’s a bit uncommon, but it’s rumored that Dogfish Head does it, and if you like the smell of Warrior, you’ll probably like it dry-hopped.

Yeah, do that, add the Warrior to Dry Hop. I did a dry hop with 1 oz Warrior, 2 oz Cenn, turned out great!

That’s what I was thinking. Thanks!

I emailed back and forth with Dawson and he said that he wold have tweaked his recipe by going with only half ounce warrior for the 60 in addition for partial boil. I just order some ingredients to do my own teak of this for partial boil. Here’s my tweaks.

Steep .5# dehusked carafa 3
Add 3# gold malt LME @60
.5oz warrior @60
.5oz warrior @15
3# gold malt LME @0
1 oz cascade post boil
1oz Columbus post boil
1oz centennial post boil
Pitch us-05

Hopefully brew this up next weekend. Added and change a little with the hops, but I think it will be great.

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