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Dawson's Kriek and Plastic parts

I am making the NB kit Dawson’s Kriek and will be doing it according to the recipe. I know many recommend dedicating the plastic parts to sour beers only. I just wanted to confirm which parts I should dedicate, and which would be ok to use in other styles. The carboys are glass.

Here are the parts in question.

Bung and airlock from the primary.
Bung and airlock from the secondary.
Auto-syphon and tubing for transferring from primary to secondary
Auto-syphon and tubing for transferring from secondary to bottling bucket
Bottling bucket
Bottling hose and filler wand.

I have not brewed sours but from my reading & what I have been told I can recommend that anything plastic that touches the wort once the bugs are in should be dedicated. If you bung & airlock do not touch the wort, those should be fine. The auto-syphon, bottling bucket, filling wand and all tubing that come in contact with the sour wort/beer should be dedicated to that style of brewing.

You can try cleaning them and using for other styles. Some people have no problem do that. But you do risk contaminating future batches if you do not get even one thing super clean. Although what is the worst case scenario there? You get another delicious sour beer.

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