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Darn fruit flies

From all the apples I’ve been processing got a few fruit flies hanging around. Set a trap last night. What do you all do?

Can’t eliminate them entirely but try to keep things as clean as possible including sinks and drains. I make sure I don’t leave any food residue around, keep stuff covered or outside, and sometimes put bleach in the drains.

You know the saying “you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar?” Pernicious lies. Cheap cider vinegar in a glass, stretch cling film over the top, and poke a couple of holes. You’ll trap dozens in the first two hours you have it set up.


S’what we do.

I take a plastic soda bottle, cut the top off making a funnel shape, stuff it in the bottom up side down and tape it. Then put some apple cider vinegar in the bottom. Works like the cling wrap idea but you can toss the whole thing when you are done with them.

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Either don’t brew… OR… make vinegar… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Sneezles61

I at the plastic wrap over my beer glass with some swill in the bottom. They seem to like it.

It’s time to clean all your house drains my friend. Thats where the like to nest. The nest are cone shaped in your drain and just running hot water doent do it. The water never reaches them in there nest. So option 1 is hot hot water and dawn dish soap get it to foam in your drains this smothers them little suckers to death. Or get you some of this and same thing foam them drains up with foam foam

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Pouring bleach down the drain is a old myth and does not work because the nest are cone shapes with a hole at the bottom that they crawl into. The bleach doesnt penetrate the nest and goes right down the drain

I just discovered a new trap tonight:

I use the same basic trap (soda bottle) except use a little bit of sugar with bread yeast dumped in. Occasionally add a bit of sugar. Though I do run a glob of dawn through the garbage disposal. The wife and kids are bad about keeping food removed, but not about the fruit fly complaints.

Thank you Damian!! Sneezles61

THIS ^^^

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