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Darkstar Offer

Since the offer ends tonight I thought I’d see if anyone can give me a little info. I’m looking at switching to BIAB after I finish my next 3 kits I have planned. First is the Dark Star a good starter burner? I read the reviews and for the most part they seem positive if you can get the air rate right. Second how often to companies like NB and MW put them on sale? I notice MW did a freebie offer a few weeks back too. Getting to the $125 price shouldn’t be too hard as I’d have to get an 8 gallon kettle for BIAB since I have a 5 gallon now, it’s more about getting the best deal available.

I do BIAB with the Dark Star. Works great. However, I would go with 10 Gallon pot assuming you’re doing 5 gallon batches

My thoughts exactly, go with a 10 gallon kettle, even a 15 if you can afford it. Or maybe get a kettle elsewhere and get a chiller and some other stuff to make up the $125. You can get kettles muuuuch cheaper on cough other sites…

Thanks for the info guys. I did some research and your right I can find some pots cheaper if I go aluminum. Gotta decide/find one with a spigot as lifting a 10+ gallon pot doesn’t sound like fun. I was thinking about a chiller but seen online you can make on out of copper for about $20-30. Can’t really get to the $125 mark (well I could if I bought some gift cards) so I think I’ll just wait for some turkey fryers to go on sale in January after the holiday cooking is done.

A new question, I was looking at 3 gallon batches originally mainly because the NB kits come in that size and I was concerned with cooling (a chiller would solve that), but will the standard 5 gallon kits work, or would there be some conversion required and buying the mats separately?

Don’t go aluminum…stainless is so awesome, it’s not worth it to mess with aluminum. And copper is expensive, you will want probably a 50ft 1/2" chiller for max cooling efficiency, that would be expensive and difficult to make on your own. Unless you’re confident working with that stuff.

Not sure what you’re getting at with your last question. 3 gallon kits with a chiller would work fine, as would 5 gallon kits. Either way, you’re going to want at least a 10 gallon kettle and probably a 50ft chiller. Well, for 3 gallon batches you won’t need the 50ft chiller, but for 5 gallons, it’s nice to have. ... earchidx=0

Here’s the pot I use I like it a lot the only thing I don’t like is the bottom is on the thin side. But that’s a 16 gal with ball valve for less than the 8 gal mega pot. I have used it 10 or so times so far, I was worried about the weld less fitting but it’s had no trouble. Look around a little you can get 10 gal tri clad bottom from bayou classic for a good price.

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