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Dark lager

So I have 6lbs. of dark lme and I want to make a dark lager. I also have some pilsner dme and other specialty grains laying around. I am going to use wyeast bavarian. Any suggestions on specialty grains useage or amounts?[color=#004000][/color]

Dark DME is a mix of pale, crystal, and black patent usually. There really isn’t a lager style that fits very well - maybe a Schwartzbier is the closest. I can’t really think of a specialty grain that you could steep that would make a good addition to the dark DME. If you were all grain I would say munich or aromatic. You might decide to add something like Carafa Special if you think you want more color/roast in the beer. I can’t remember what dark DME really tastes like except that I didn’t find it to be that great 5 years ago.

Yeah, the problem with using the dark and amber malt extracts (either dry or liquid) is that you really don’t know what is in them. Although I like everyone else starting by doing extract brewing many years ago, I quickly stopped using anything other than the light stuff (which I supplimented with specialty grains). I also won’t even consider using a recipe that has that in the fermenatables for the same reason. Although I bet I haven’t done an extract brew in 15 years, you can make really good beer using extracts but keep in mind that you are trading convience for control. By the way, I would also avoid the hopped extracts, it’s just way too easy to add your own fresh hops.

You can make a schwarzbier or a Baltic porter. I’d add maybe a half pound of caramunich and carafa special for a schwarzbier. A Baltic porter would need more crystal malts like maybe some special B.

Yeah, I never use hopped extact. I always use pellets. I wasnt sure what the dark extract would be like and from the comments I have recieved, I may not like it either. But I bought it so I will use it. gonna ad some fawcett pale chocolate and some cara aroma, maybe some pilsner dme.

You could just try brewing with the dark extract as-is with no specialty grain additions and see exactly how it is as an ingredient. Making it as a lager will ensure that the flavor comes through strongly (good or bad), assuming you don’t over hop it.

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