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Dark DME in a starter?

So a couple months ago, NB sent me the wrong stuff in my order so I ended up with 9lbs of Dark DME due to the mixup. I was wondering how using this in my starters might effect two things: yeast health and color.

I always decant off most of the spent wort, but always leave a little in there to “shake everything loose” (and cause I’m secretly scared I’m dumping a bunch of low floccing cells). How much of an SRM bump do you think about 6-8oz of dark DME starter wort can I expect when adding it to 5 gallons of beer?

Also regarding the yeast health thing, because there is more unfermentables in dark DME can I expect any detriment to yeast health and cell count?

If you decant, the effect will be negligible.

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