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Dark Cherry Stout

My Cherry Stout has no cherry flavor. It has an OK Stout flavor. Believe I followed the directions correctly. any thoughts?

I assume you are using the NB Dark Cherry Stout extract kit.

How much of the cherry extract did you add into the bottling bucket?

I used the whole bottle. Put it in and gently stirred right before I bottled it. The bottles sat in my basement for 2 weeks then chilled and drank.

Interesting. I recall using half of the bottle, 2oz. and the beer had a noticable cherry flavor to it. I do know that the cherry flavor is different then if you were to eat fresh cherries. I attributed that to the lack of sweetness present in the beer.

Well I’m happy with the flavor, just didnt notice any cherry. Thanks

Not to high jack the thread, but if using fresh fruit with or with out the pits? I’m thinking black cherries, on a 1.060-1.070 stout? Oh and how much fresh.

I used black cherries once. About 6 pounds in a ~1.050 beer. I was disappointed that it didn’t have much cherry flavor. Tart cherries (which I’ve used frequently) leave much more cherry flavor. I’d recommend at least 10 pounds of black cherries, or maybe even a mix of black and tart. Juice and concentrate (not extract) are also good alternatives, especially this time of year when fresh cherries are hard to find.

I was wondering, when using an extract kit when do you add fresh cherries into the mix? During the boil or during primary fermentation?

IMO most fruit additions are added during secondary. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

Standard procedure is to add fruit to the secondary and allow it to sit 1 - 3 weeks prior to bottling.

Do I need to do anything to them or do I throw them in whole?

Yes add fruit to the secondary, not before then.

If using fresh fruit, there is a decent chance some wild yeast or bacteria is going to get in your beer along with the fruit. Nothing to worry about; just let it FULLY ferment out before bottling, meaning about a month. That will prevent bottle bombs. It may or may not develope a suble lambic-like twang to it, but it won’t ruin the beer.

I’m currently sipping a strong-belgian made with about 7 lbs of canned sour cherries. Granted, the base beer has some strong flavor to it also, but the cherry flavor is still just a contributor, definately does not dominate.

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