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Dark beer questions

Hi there,
making my first 2 real dark beers here, after a year of mostly IPAs and such…

have a few questions: (both extract kits, made by recipe)

St Paul Porter OG 1052, G after 2 weeks 1018, attenuation about 64% so far, at 66*, bubbling only about once per minute, slowing down
*if my volume is about 7% more than 5 gal, how does that affect G reading?
*I secondary everything, but thinking here, just leave in primary another week or 2?, seems like FG should be about 1013. no worries about clarity here?
*it tastes really good so far.

Dry Irish Stout, OG 1042, G after 9 days 1020 at 66*, bubbling about once per minute.
*same as above, another inch or more above my 5 gal mark… affect G reading?
*probably don’t need to secondary here either?
*FG at least 1013?
*also tastes very very good for such a simple recipe, wow.

thanks for any thoughts and or advice!

Volume does not affect gravity.

I would suggest a 2 week primary, and a secondary of 1 to 2 weeks, as long as it takes to clear out.

The Dry Irish Stout kit usually comes with cluster hops, and I’ve found beers made with cluster to be very sensitive to sunlight, so I’d suggest being extra-vigilant about covering your fermenter on that one.

thanks for the tips,
maybe I will secondary.

and both are in a very dark basement bathroom, no worries about light.

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