Has anyone tried the danstar windsor yeast? I’m going to be brewing a stout and might try it out.Thanks

Tried it many years ago. I didn’t care for the flavor (very fruity with a kinda breadiness) and it was an underperformer. Haven’t tried it in 12-15 years, so it might be better now. But it might not!

This is the yeast that comes with the NB Caribou Slobber Ale kit by default. (WY1332 alternate).

When fermented at appropriate temperatures (mid - upper 60’s) it does finish with a higher gravity (malty) and is fruity/bready.

Obviously higher fermentation temps yield more attenuation, but you really don’t want to go over 70F.

It is appropriate for certain ales. It may work for a sweet stout, but if you want a dry stout you might look elsewhere (perhaps Nottingham).

Bumping this. I wish I would’ve seen this thread before I pitched Windsor into a bitter I brewed in November. Just tapped that beer and I really don’t like this yeast at all- way too fruity/estery and a low attenuator as noted in previous posts. Doesn’t seem to settle well at all either. Won’t be using this one again. Interesting, my brother loves this yeast. To each his own…

Yup. I made a truly dismal ESB last fall with Windsor. Never again. Wonder how many new brewers think tgey screwed something up when they taste the Windsor-fermenter Caribou Slobber that came with their starter kit. . .

Windsor will ferment with few esters if the wort temperature is held below 63°F. Windsor isn’t the default yeast. Windsor is just first in the list. I’ve always used WY 1332. This yeast will also produce esters if fermentation is over 65°F.

The yeast doesn’t seem to settle very well at all either. My beers are usually nice and clear, even when I just cold crash in primary. This keg’s still pulling lots of sediment after several pints. Not happy…