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Danstar Munich Wheat Yeast Question

Just got another recipe kit from NB. I got a package of Danstar Munich wheat yeast. I noticed the package says vacuum sealed should it feel hard as a rock? date stamped on back says 7/2015. Is it ok/ normal and comes like that?

Yes that is nomal. It’s very good yeast I have used it alot and is a very fast starting yeast allso vigorious fermenting yeast. Might want to have a blowoff tube first few days just in case.

Should I need a blow off tube with a 6.5 gallon plastic bucket?

That yeast can be pretty angry. Had my first blowoff mess with it and temp was on the low end 62 degrees in 6 gallon glass carboy. Better safe than sorry :slight_smile:

I’ve used this yeast many times, I’ve always had a really active fermentation.
If memory serves me correctly, I’ve had to use a blowoff hose most of the times I’ve used it.

Optimum temp range is 55-66 degrees. The ambient temp in my basement is 61 degrees. The fermentor is warmer at the moment. My fermometer is shows about 66 degrees. I pitched at 1:40 this afternoon and its bubbling pretty good now. Hope it produces some good banana clove flavor.

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