Danstar BRY-97?

On Northern Brewer’s site, they state “In our experience, this strain stays clean at relatively high temperatures (up to 78F).”

Ambient in my home is in the 70’s this time of year, and I’d rather not go through the hassle of a swamp cooler if thats the case.

http://www.northernbrewer.com/shop/brew ... yeast.html

Can anyone confirm if this yeast can cleanly handle higher temps?

I have a packet of this yeast at home. My house has been around 70F, I may try fermenting a pale or something with it just to see. I’m guessing the 78 isn’t ambient temperature but beer temperature. Or maybe the other way around…

I think this is a version of the chico ale strain. I used S-05 to brew a pale ale in 72 ambient that came out pretty good.

I pitched this into an IPA with an OG of 1.078, for a comparison I also pitched US-05 into a batch of BVIP OG 1.083 the very same day. Each got 2 packets, un-hydrated.

Both fermented between 68-70, I monitored the temps every 6 or so hours.

The US-05 krausen had crashed about 7 days before the BRY-97, and it appears the BRY-97 has not flocculated yet, while the US-05 seems to have all but dropped out.

More to follow when I check FG’s.

I have / am using it in 3 batches right now.

1st is a Homegrown Cascade PA. OG=1.059, FG=1.013, ApAtn=76.1, ABV=5.7

2nd is also a Homegrown Cascade PA. OG=1.059, FG=1.015, ApAtn=73.4, ABV=5.6

3rd is a Partigyle, Bitter. OG=1.036 Still in primary.

Sean T’s Refractometer Calculator was used for all of these calculation.

Using New Linear for the FG. All have been / are fermenting in my basement. 64~68 F. All will be / have been 4 weeks on the yeast, primary only. DH in primary.

All 3 where slow to start in comparison to the US-05 I generally use for these type of beers.

#1 is on tap and I’ll say it’s a bit cloudier than I’m used to with US-05. Not quite as clean tasting either.
#2 will be kegged next week, just a few more days for the DH, and #3 has 2 ~ 3 weeks before that step.

As a control, I’ll be brewing another Homegrown Cascade PA all the same except using US-05.

Other beers that I have brewed and compare directly to these pale ales, OG -wise, using US-05 have finished lower. 1.010 ~ 1.012 and had right around 80 % ApAtn.

Right now, I’m not really a big fan of this yeast. I’ll try to report back as thing progress.
The hops are all the same. Mine. Same plants, this years crop.

Good Luck


2nd was kegged today and I’ll taste it in a week. Smelled real good and looked a bit clearer than the 1st batch.

3rd, Partigyle, I took a gravity reading and got Brix 4.6. Gives me an FG = 1.0077 ( Sean T’s new linear ). Weighs in at a whopping 3.4 % ABV and 74 % App. Att.

A couple of large clumps of yeast were floating on top. I’ll keg that next week most likely.

Good Luck


Tasted the 2nd batch yesterday and I am happier with it than the 1st. Cleaner and clearer.

The 3rd batch was kegged today. Smelled nice and appeared to be clearer as well. Still had some larger yeast chunks floating even after a month. The yeast cake was nicely formed but kind of “mountain-esque” and not as compact as US-05 tends to be. I’ll taste that one next week.

Good Luck

Thanks for the information. I’d like to brew with this yeast soon. It’s around 70 in my place right now, have to try it out on a pale or something, haven’t decided. I haven’t fermented that high in a long time, I’m nervous about it. I usually ferment in the chest freezer at around 62F.

I’m using this strain right now in a batch of pale ale. I can’t comment yet on how well it attenuates or its other characteristics, but I can say that compared to S05 the lag time was much greater. At 65 degree’s (wort temp) lag time was around 30 hours. I never re-hydrate dry yeast and I really believe this strain needs to be re-hydrated as per the instructions on the packet. I’ll post more once fermentation is complete.


I’ve now tasted all 3 batches with this yeast.

None of these 3 have cleared as nicely as US-05 does. Yeast “taste” is relatively neutral on all 3.

I personally see no reason to deviate away from US-05 after these 3 trials. I guess if I was in a pinch… :shock:

Good Luck.

I brewed an IPA and pitched rehydrated BRY-97 last Sunday. Took a day or two to take off; it’s at 65F. But now it has a good 2-3inch krausen and is fermenting nicely. Just hope it clears quick enough after it’s done. Definitely can’t go wrong with US-05 though.