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Danstar Abbaye Belgian Ale Yeast

Back in the day most of us would scoff at dry yeast. That was the junk taped in the lid of a no boil extract kit can lid that you tossed out. Today dry yeast is great.

Anyone try the Abbaye Belgian Ale Yeast from Danstar? I now am always in the quest for a more simple answer than liquid yeast if it works as well. Toss in a packet and off it goes. Higher alcohol beer? No problem, toss in a couple.

Just wondering if this yeast will impart any of the Belgian beer flavors I shoot for. My personal favorite liquid is Wyeast 1388 Belgian strong ale.

It’s a great yeast for Trippel, Dubbel and Quads. It’s fruity and peppery some banana and bubble gum aroma. I like to start at low end and let rise and finish out the beer. Took me little while to find right temp range to control the flavors. My best results was 55 degrees for two days and slowly rise to 60 for three days and slowly rise from there till upper 70’s almost 80 to finish.

I havent toyed with dry yeast for so long, that I don’t even look at it when buying yeast. But now, seems the list has grown exponentially…. Time for a look and a try… Sneezles61

I always keep a few different dry yeast around. Safale Us-05 and and S-04 and Saflager 34/70. When I first started brewing back in 99 and no brew store close. Those were my go to dry yeast.

UPDATE: Just took a gravity reading from my Belgian ale with the Abbaye yeast. OG 1.074 FG 1.010. Pitched the yeast one week ago. I simply sprinkled the yeast in the fermenters. One in each 6.5 carboy (5gallons of wort each) and two in the 12 gallon conical (10 gal wort). Fermentation temps on the high side mid to upper sixties. With the size of the conical an a/c unit is best I can do but Belgian ales like it warm.

The hydrometer sample tastes like a Belgian ale, my favorite. Will let it settle out more and keg!

I used the T-58 dry yeast for a Belgian Blond, and the flavor was amazing!

I’ve been interested in trying this yeast. How would you describe the flavor?

It’s a complex but mild spice that balances this sweet beer very well. I personally can’t separate out individual spice notes. I can’t say it has a clove, etc. taste. It’s really nice and very drinkable. I fermented this one on the cold end of the yeast temperature range the entire time. So I can’t say there’s a lot of fruity ester notes either. Maybe the spice would have been more pronounced at a warmer fermentation temperature.

I’m kinda the wrong guy to ask to describe it because first it was just a sip of the hydrometer sample and second I’m terrible at describing taste. I guess beer judge is out for me :confused:

I can say that part of my love for Belgian style beers is the barnyard or horse blanket flavor and I could not only taste it but could easily smell it while actively fermenting. My other love for them is that most of them are high power. I like big beers. I will try to report back after it is kegged and ready to drink.

If it is as good as I suspect I may reuse it for my next batch. It would be nice to get my stock up soon before it gets hot out.

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