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Danby Kegorrator

Anybody have issues with a Danby keggorator not cooling below 39 deg F ? has a little digital display above the door opening with up and down arrows and a CEL/F select button. But it seems I can not get it below 39 F using the down arrow.


Hello and welcome. I moved this topic to the draft section and left a “shadow” in general. Hopefully this will get you faster response.

My kegorator is different brand so I’m not much help. Does the manual say it gets cooler than 39°? For a lot of us here this is too cool for most beers except an American Pilsner. The model number may also be helpful in case someone here has the exact same unit. Good luck and again welcome.

I bought a Danby several years ago. It had a digital read-out on the door for the temperature which I thought was really cool. The temperature would swing from the high 50’s to the mid 30’s constantly. My beer averaged out around 46 degrees. That is way too warm for my liking. I took it back a few days later. I bought a Beverage Air and so far been happy with it. Had it for 8 years now.

Thanks, I’ll check with Danby. I picked it up on craigslist so no manual with it. :cheers:

I did contact Danby about my problem two days after buying it. They gave me the name of their service person in my area. Other than that they weren’t much help. I wish you luck.

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