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Damn the Trub!

OK I just pulled my beer out of the chamber to keg it and I have about a full gallon of trub. I purposely brewed a 5.5 gallon batch to allow for some trub but a full gallon?? I always whirlpool and I have brass elbow with a short piece of brass pipe cut at an angle to suck from the bottom, but still get a lot of trub in the fermentor. I sometimes use a hop bag but really like dumping the hop pellets straight in the pot.

Any suggestions for getting as much beer out of the fermentor as possible? It’s a 16 gal Spidel with a spigot
Has anyone used this little thing?

I dont worry about trub too much. I just make sure I cold crash and siphon off the trub. You can do this before you even pitch your yeast if you want to harvest very clean yeast.

Run your beer through a fine mesh bag to collect the hop debris as you pour/drain to the fermentor.

I used to do that but thought whirlpooling would work better. I’m going back to doing that and using a hop bag.

I don’t use a hop bag. When I harvest the yeast, most of the color in it is from grains.

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