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Damn bottle caps STILL out of stock?

How on earth can the caps STILL be out of stock. Caps! At least, that’s what the NB site is saying. I almost ran out bottling my Dead Ringer. Now I’ve got the Bourbon Barrel Porter in primary and no caps. It’s only been in there for 5 days so no huge hurry, but still… ... -caps.html

these ones seem to be in stock ^

if they don’t have the ones you want in time, i’d just go to another homebrew supply site

Did they stop selling the O2 absorbing caps? When I search, I get redirected to the colored caps…

Thank you, those are still in stock. Ordering now…

Noticed that “pink” was not one of the colored cap choices. :shock:

A year or so ago, I remember someone wanting to make a pink beer for a breast cancer awareness picnic/event. Pink caps would be perfect for that venue. But the other 364 days; not so much.

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