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Daddy Phat Sacks


OK I have a good problem a 50lb sack of Briess American Pilsner (2row). I want to do some experiments with different combinations of at least Hops. I am thinking 9-10 lb grain bills.

What Wyeast / hop combo do you think I should try first? I have plenty of hops for IPA’s.

Washed Wyeast Stash
1007, 1728, 1084, 2112, 3711, 1450, 3787, Murtons, 2565.

Hops - Cascade, Willamette, Glacier, Tomahawk, Galena, Mt. Hood, CTZ, Chinook.

I also have this left over from other batches I would like to use up…if possible.

Rice hulls .5
Briess Special Roast 1.0
German Vienna 1/3
Weyerman Pale Wheat 1.0
Belgian Malt 1.0
Rahr white wheat 1.0
Belgian Biscuit 1/2
Rahr Pilsner Malt 1/3
Briess Chocolate 1/2


Use WY 1450. Bitter with Chinook for half of your IBU’s. Cascade and CTZ for flavor, aroma and dryhop. Throw in the Vienna and biscuit with the 2-row. Should be a tasty beer.

5 gallon batches, right? Yeah I would go with Denny’s Fav and the NW style suggested. Then, go with a British using the 1728 and the lighter hops, like Mt Hood, after that go with what the mood hits you. I really like the 2112 with 2 row and some Munich, but for that I use Magnum and Hallertauer or Tettnanger and lager it well in the primary at 50F.

A fun “problem” to have.


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