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I’m getting ready to do my first lager. Do I D-Rest prior to transfer to the secondary or after? Or does it even matter which carboy it is in as long as I do it before the lagering? Also, 3 days at 65F about right?

You want to do it before transferring so there is enough yeast to clean up the diacetyl. Three days minimum will work.

You need to do a diacetyl rest BEFORE reaching the final gravity. So do this in the primary. But ONLY do a diacetyl rest of the beer smells or tastes like buttered popcorn. If it doesn’t, then you can safely skip it.

I don’t see any harm in raising ferment temp after a few weeks on a lager. Keeps the yeast active, which will help them metabolize any diacetyl and attenuate the whole way. In fact, I raise the ferment temp on just about all of my ales as well after the first 4-5 days.

I’ve never done a d-rest and have yet to feel that I’m making a mistake. I don’t hurry my lagers either, though. They spent at least a month in the primary.

Although I usually just do a D rest as par for the course for all VDK cleanup. Many strains are indeed low Diacetyl and sulfur producing and could be safety skipped if you know which ones… :mrgreen:

Yes PK, (all of a sudden made me think of my old PK ripper BMX amongst many like the old hutch, that’s a different hobby.topic altogether SO,…) The month in primary probably does the trick, this low and slow method you are working with is all gravy cant fault it at all.

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