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D-180 syrup in BSDA

Trying to formulate a BSDA recipe. I plan on using D-180 Dark belgian candi syrup. Question - how much? Is this a good addition?

Was basing my recipe somewhat off of the 3-26-07 Jamil show podcast about BSDA.

This is what I have right now:
13 lb german pils
3 lb Munich
1 lb aromatic
.5 lb melanoiden
1 lb D-180
(.5-1 lb cane sugar???)

This gets me in the 1- 1.1 range

My questions come with the sugar additions and special B/caramunich? The podcast recommends Special B and cara munich. However, when I plug in the D-180, my SRM already comes in at the high end of the range around 22. If I add either of the grains, I will go well above that and into the upper 20’s/low 30’s.

Am I ok leaving the special B and caramunich out? Will I lose anything without them?

Should I use the D-180 AND some regular cane sugar to help dry out the beer as suggested on the podcast? Or will the D-180 dry it out sufficiently?

Any thoughts or experience would be appreciated.

I don’t worry so much about the final color when I use the really dark syrup,
It won’t be as dark as you think, probably a really deep red though.
I can’t taste or smell color anyways.
Definitely go with the Special B/ Caramunich blend,
And add white sugar till your total sugar amount is around 20%,
It will make up for the unfermentable sugars that the belgian crystal malts are going to give you.

1 lb. D-180 minimum. I used 2 in mine.

I was wondering if it would really translate that dark or not. How do you guys calculate the color into your recipe for this? (although, I do agree, you can’t taste color:) I put it in as 180 L, 1 lb dark candy sugar. I was thinking of going in the .25-.5 lb range for each the caramunich and the special B. Too little? Too much? Just right?

Denny, if you put two D-180’s in, did you leave out the cane sugar? Is it one of the recipes you have here:

Thanks for the help - first attempt at a beer like this.

No, I used sugar also, although it was demarera. Recipe is at … on_001.pdf

If it was mine I’d try to put the percentages around 2.5-5% Special B and 5-10% Caramunich.
A little Special B really goes a long way,
And Caramunich is going to give it the classic belgian caramel flavor,
And you need that sweetness if you’re going to hit it with enough sugar to get it dried to style.

Thanks for the info and the percentages guys, it helps a great deal and I feel a lot better about the recipe.

Now, I can’t wait to taste it… in a year or two:(

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