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Czech-style Lager Yeasts Substitutes and Faves

A while back I ordered 3 packs of different Wyeasts because I had a 10% off coupon. I didn’t exactly get to making the beers right away. This was, I believe, near the end of August when I ordered and received the yeasts along with some grains.

One of the yeasts was the Staro-Prague, which I enjoyed the last time it came out. Last week, I made a 4L starter on Thursday. Date on the pack was July 5. I smacked the pack and let the yeast sit out for about 3 hours. It really didn’t puff up at all, maybe just barely. I went ahead and made the starter anyway, and on Sunday, it didn’t look like ANY more yeast had been made. The starter looked flat the whole time, and I swirled it constantly.

I doubt I can get (fresh) Staro-Prague anymore. Does anyone know if the Urquell, Budvar, or Bohemian yeasts are close to S-P? Does anyone use the Urquell or Budvar yeasts strictly for all lagers? I am a fan of the Budvar yeast, but I wonder if it would be good for making a Doppelbock, or would it be too smelly?

So yeah. I guess this tells you just how popular Czech Lagers are…

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