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Cyser Fermentation Question

Hi all,

I just created my first cyser, and generally all seems alright. I combined 3 gallons of fresh/local apple cider with 10 pounds of raw/local honey. I’m leaving it as a 3-4 gallon batch (however many gallons those ingredients combined makes). The OG was around 1.125. I did not heat any of this, but rather added campden tablets to kill off any yeasts or bacteria. 24 hours later, I aerated and added 3 teaspoons of yeast nutrient and one packet of rehydrated Lalvin 47D. 24 hours later I noticed a seeminly weak fermentation. I stirred in another 3 teaspoons of nutrient, stirred. Next morning, weak (but active) fermentation.

I have limited experience making mead/cider/wine but know that the fermentation is less aggressive and takes longer than beer. I’m just concerned that I have a slow, lagging fermentation that might stress out my yeast. I plan to do another nutrient addition to help out. My temp is around 68. Is there any benefit at this point to adding another fresh packet of yeast? Or is there enough in there at this point? I’m happy to just wait and be patient, but I just want to make sure I didn’t set my yeast up for failure.



(I accidentally posted this in Sake, so ignore that post if you see it.)

Your yeast is lagging because your SG is above 1.100.

What would you suggest at this point? Continued nutrient additions? Another addition of yeast? Just let it go and expect a longer fermentation?

Suggestions are appreciated.


It may just be a slow fermentation. If it were mine, I would get the SG down to below 1.100.

Alright, thanks. If that’s the case, are you suggesting I perhaps add some water to dilute a bit, or next time just not have such a concentration of sugar to begin with?


I made a cyser similar to this last March, with an OG of 1.136. I left it in primary for around 45 days and it bottomed out at a very sweet ( to me) 1.021.

I’ll make this again with a much lower OG. Some of my friends really like this, and I consider it to be a good learning experience. If your experience is at all similar to mine you can just let it ferment until early December, and then check the SG.

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