Cyser actually

so, I made a pretty big cyser (1.085) that I added nutrient to at pitching (Wyeast wine nutrient) and then 2 weeks later as well (Yeast energizer which is DAP, I didn’t have any Fermaid K). I took a reading at three weeks and it is at 1.003, tastes like honey and apple, but has a definite sulphur undertone. Will aging drop that out? Is it too late to add more nutrient? I have not had much luck finding much info on mead making besides this forum…If only Kurt Stock lived next door… :frowning:

Take heart; all is not lost. I find that sulfur will sometimes go away with age in the carboy. Have you degassed yet? The quickest way I know of to get rid of it is to make CO2 come out of solution. When you degass, you’ll lose a lot of sulfur. If you’ve already degassed and it’s still full of sulfur, and you have a keg setup, you can chill and force carb it, then let it warm, and vent it for a few days. That will do wonders. Also, you can email NB or call their help line. It may be that Kurt will be nearby and able to come to the rescue. (I think he still works there.)