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Cutting Dip Tube?

How many of you cut your dip tubes to prevent sedimentation from going into your glass? I haven’t cut them, but am considering it. Right now, I get a bunch of sedimentation in the first pour or two, then it’s not bad. But if I haven’t poured a pint for a while, I get more sediment again. I have been very careful when I rack to the keg, and I get only a small amount of sediment in the keg. I don’t cold crash first, which I know would help, but I just don’t have the room for it right now.

Any thoughts on pros of cons of cutting my dip tubes back 1/2" or so?

I cut an inch off the diptube and clamped a short piece of stainless braid to it so I could dryhop with a large amount of whole hops - worked great, but it left a fair amount of beer in the keg at the end. I think you could avoid the vast majority of the sediment by taking off just a half inch as you suggested and you wouldn’t lose much beer.

How long are your brews fermenting before they are kegged? Have you tried using a secondary?

If your fermentation is only a couple of weeks, perhaps leave the brew in the primary for a longer period of time, or attempt a secondary for a week or two in order to allow for more yeast to flocculate out of solution. Also, you could try filtering your beer before you put it in the keg.

There’s nothing wrong per say, with cutting a dip tube, but you will have to get another dip tube if you improve your system, where there is other things you could try first.

I typically do 2.5 to 3 weeks primary. No secondary, unless I’m bulk aging or dry hopping, which I’ve started doing in the keg as well.

I’m hoping in the next month or so with some equipment upgrades, I’ll be able to cold crash before kegging, which I know will help.

If sediment is an issue you can also try some gelatin or other clarifying agent.

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