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Cutting a corney down to size

I need a few 2.5gal or 3gal cornies for a portable setup and can’t believe that there are no used ones available. And the ones I have seen come up on Ebay sell for around $90 used. :frowning: Anyways, I have a friend who is a SS welder and says that it would be very easy to cut down a few 5gal cornies. He is willing to do the work for free and I have aquired a few kegs that were free of charge. This project would cost me nothing out of pocket, so its not like it would be cheaper to buy them. Just curious if anyone has attempted this before?

A guy in the MNHBA has one that was cut down. It was a 5 gallon keg and now its 1.5 gallons and fits in a little cooler with a 2.5 lb CO2 tank and reg. Its a sweet little setup. If I had the chance I would chop a couple of my 5s down to 3s I could use some additional 3s for my portable setup and for the hump in my keezer.

There was someone awhile back that was doing that he would cut them down to any size you wanted just make sure to get a sanitary weld. Not to brag to much but I had sixteen 2.5 and 3 gallon kegs and never payed more than $25 for any of them and over a 100 5 gallon kegs that I payed $5 for those were the good old days.

I only have kept seven 5 gallon ones and 3 smaller ones funny how money does talk.

A professional SS welder in town says that the thinness of the corny sides will make it difficult to weld.

That’s a pretty good idea if you have someone to do the work for your for free. Those little bastards are expensive and you’re right, they are not readily available used. If they were I would snag up a few of them because I enjoy brewing more beer more often and would love a couple three gallon kegs.

We’ve already cut one apart and he says not a problem. SS is all he works with.

Post a pic when you got a completed one. I would like to see it.

Ah yes…indeed so…the good old days.
I got all of my 5 gal cornies …8 of them, plus one 10 gallon one… for free, around 20 years ago. Abandoned Pepsi tanks, given to me by my co2 guy. I’m still using them, too.

I’m no expert. but i would be worried about the integrity of the weld under pressure. i would carbonate it at a low PSI

But then again. I don’t know much about welding

Great idea! I hope it works. I would love to have a few 3 gallon kegs, since I brew 3 to 4 gallon batches.

We’ve already cut one apart and he says not a problem. SS is all he works with.[/quote]
Excellent. Please send some pictures our way when they’re done.

If I remember correctly your going to need to passivate it.

I’ll see what I can do. He will have to do them during down times at his shop (he’s swamped), so I’m in no hurry. Plus, I’ve already got a potable setup so if he can do them it will just be an extra.

How is the process going? My brother is a certified sanitary welder and he won’t do it for me. Plus he owes me money! Do you have pictures yet? My brother says that since its so thin, a robot needs to weld it to keep it even.

This project has been bumped for now. When he’s not running his shop he runs an A Mod race team and its racing season. Needless to say my kegs are the last thing on his mind.

I took a long shot and posted that I was willing to do a 2 for 1 trade on CL(two 5gal cornies for one 3gal). Sure enough I found someone who was willing to trade and ended up with two more 3gal cornies. Not bad for something I got for free. :mrgreen:

Thats even better! Lucky!

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