Custom grolsch bottle tops?

I just bottled my first brew ever in some grolsch bottles given to me by a friend and i had an idea which im not sure would work if i tried it. has anyone ever sanded off the grolsch logos to put some kind of custom logo on thier grolsch tops? i kind of got the general idea bc i disk golf and people dye thier plastic disks all the time. wondering about methods of putting a logo on.

Never done it. Are they plastic, or ceramic?
You can buy new stoppers that are plain white plastic. :cheers:

I think they are a hard plastic

If you’re talking about dyeing the whole stopper a different color, I don’t know that I’d want dye in contact with my beer. If you mean just adding a logo on top, you would probably need a screen or stamp of some sort with good permanent ink.

Or a branding iron? :idea:

3/4" round Avery labels. You are welcome.