Curt and Kathy's sweet mead kit nutrient additions

This will be my first mead I’ve ever made and was reading the instructions and had some confusion as to adding nutrients. It says to stir is but I will be using carboys to make this mead. Should I give the carboy a good sloshing after the nutrient addition or use the handle end of my stirring spoon to try and work it in. I know that sloshing is a no no in brewing beer after fermentation begins but would it be alright with making mead?

I plan on following the instructions closely but I intend on either splitting it and adding a strawberry or maybe raspberry puree to one and leaving the other as is, or maybe doing a combination of the strawberry and raspberry puree. I may also attempt a sparkling mead with the melomel side of the two.

Handle of your spoon will be fine.

I’ve made Curt and Kathy’s very berry melomel (a.k.a. pink lightning by some friends) nearly a dozen times using the staggered nutrient additions. Thoroughly mix in the nutrients, especially the yeast energizer because I saw some clumping in my first batches. If you have a mix-stir, certainly use that to assure a thorough mix. Don’t worry about oxygen at this stage because the yeast will need it to reach that 14+% ABV.