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Curious how people do a 6 gallon brew

I saw some recipes for 6 gallon brews, I guess it would be nice to have a bit more than the 5 gallon to bottle, but I don’t think I would want to bottle 10 gallons to double it.

So what type of container would be used to ferment a 6 gallon batch? I am thinking I would need a 7 or 8 gallon container (?) or I guess it could be split up into a separate 1 gallon ( or whatever size is used for 1 gallon batches).

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I’ve done them in 6.5 gal carboy with very good temp control and a blow off hose. Buckets work better though.

Your standard ale pail is about 7 gal. I think there are some that are 7.25

My first carboy was a 7.5 gallon acid carboy. Glass carboys that size don’t seem to be available anymore. Most are now Nalgene and rather expensive. Wine fermentation buckets are larger than those produced for fermenting beer. You will find 7.9 gallon wine buckets are available.

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I noticed there are also “conical” shaped 7.9 gallon fermentors that would do a 6 gallon primary. They also say the since you can dump the yeast out the bottom the beer can just stay in for the secondary. Sounds interesting, I will have to dig around and get some actual users experience with them.

I have a wine fermenting bucket I think it’s 7 or 8 gallon

Google Fermonster

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Me using 6.5 gall glass fermentors. And speidel fermetors. They are plastic real happy with the speidel fermentors. Last brew i did at home. Did do a ten gall boil. And split the wort in 2 boil kettles. Did a pale ale. And a double ipa. Both in the speidel 6.5 gall fermentors did works perfect

Yes I also saw the speidel units, looks like a good option as well.

BSG handcraft makes a 7.8 gallon bucket.

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