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Curious batch in the carboy at the moment

Not sure if I finally did something right or different…I have no idea.

I brewed a Hefe wiezen this past weekend and for the first time used a white labs yeast (WLP300) For the first time ever, my air lock is still active on day 5. I had my first blow off, and even now on day five, it looks like it’s going to blow the air lock right off the carboy. I’ve never had (what’s that called? The crown? the “head of foam” on top of the carboy.) …never had that rise more than an inch or two, and then just for maybe 3 days then it’s gone)

I’m not sure if I have a problem or not. :?

It was a LONG… disastrous day of brewing, and I was so frazzled that I never thought to take a gravity reading before adding my yeast.

Its called the krausen. And its normal for wheat beers, wheat yeasts produce a lot of krausen and it lasts a long time. Belgian yeasts are even worse, I’ve have them crawl out of a headspace that was 30% above the beer. Your average US05 ale yeast doesn’t get nearly as worked up.

I just brewed the same thing 2 weeks ago. The same thing happened. Was quite active for about 7 days.

You’ll be fine as it was pumping out so much CO2 that no nasties got in there. Typical wheat yeast. I beleive that most call for a 33% headspace.

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