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Crystal Malt Question

When a recipe calls for a light, medium or dark crystal malt what does this mean? Is there a specific Lovibond that corresponds to each?

It can depend on the maltster. Many of the English maltsters label as light, medium or dark. Some will have a range. I just bought some Simpson’s medium that’s labeled 50-60 L. Thomas Fawcett is the same way, but I’d have to look them up.

Yep, usually it is referring to what the English malts classify as lgt, med, drk and they tend to float around the values given. So feel free to fudge 10L one way or the other if using a domestic caramel. As you will get the approximate colors and flavors you are seeking. You can always post the recipe too and folks will lend a hand in helping to interpret the meaning and approximate level of color/ flavor that would be appropriate for the beer your making.

Lt: 50-60L
Med: 70-80L
dark: 155-165L

Thanks for the input. I’ll get the recipe up here in a bit.

I consider light to be about 20, medium about 60, and dark more like 120. But there’s a lot of latitude.

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