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Crystal hops

Anyone ever go all crystal for a beer? I am thinking about an all crystal Rye Pale Ale with crystal at 60, 20, 10, and knockout. Shoot for about 35 IBUs. Trying to get the nice mellow flowery hop mixed with the rye versus harsher fruit flavors.

IIRC, Rogue uses Crystal as the only hop in Brutal Bitter. I like it as a finishing hop - adds a nice floral aroma with a little spice, similar to Mt. Hood.

Yep, awesome beer! Too bad I can’t grow it worth a damn.

I did a pilsner malt, crystal hop SMASH.

unfortunately i only boiled for 60 mins. and should have boiled for 90 minuets to drive off DMS from the pilsner malt. Big mistake, the DMS made it taste sweet and vegative. Drank a few pints, and decided to dump it. unfortunately the DMS flavor was too strong for me too notice the hop flavor

it was a shame

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