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Crushing my first grain

Trying to Broaden my horizons and put my new cereal killer to work. I just ordered my grain bill for a slightly modified Kama citra IPA.

I will have 10 lb of Rahr 2- row and 1 lb of caramel 40L

Then lots of hops, and also going to try some NB “Cyro” cascade and citra for the dry hop.

I plan to do a single infusion with a mash out ( maybe) and fly sparge.

I do have a feeler guage but have not set the crusher yet. Any suggestions on the gap?

I am also going to give the omega tropical IPA liquid yeast a try. It sounds interesting anyway.

Going to use the light and hoppy water profile with my RO water as the base.

I just want to avoid making a blunder with the grain crush, so any suggestions and warnings would be greatly appreciated!



Mine is set at .032”. You can probably go finer, but it’s a good starting point.

Thanks, I will go with that to be safe.

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Your gap is significantly more important with fly sparging. .31-.32 is a good starting point. Next time go .29-.30. If you still get a good runoff then dial it down to .27-28. You’ll need to find your happy place.

If you’re fly sparging I highly highly highly recommend a mashout.

Thanks Loopie I guess you go finer and finer until the runoff starts slowing / sticking ?

I haven’t really learned enough about the mash out. Some say forget it , some not. I try to do it when fly sparging but I am not confident I really get the mash temp up to the 170 when I try it.

Correct. with fly sparging you’ll hit your happy space. Too course of a crush and you’ll have poor efficiency. To fine and you’ll have a stuck sparge. FUNNY THING ABOUT EFFICIENCY, TOO HIGH CAN BE DETRIMENTAL TO YOUR BEER.

A mashout is paramount with fly sparging. You need to set your body of beer. Fly sparging should take 45-60 mins and if you dont denature the enzymes they’ll continue to convert. This will leave you with a thin body. 168°-170° for 10 mins will denature those enzymes. If you pH is correct a little high in temp will be fine.

Again… pH, pH, pH… Sneezles61

This is a great thread.

Me do at .32. But if you not happy you can put it small or mill again

Haven’t used mine yet but bought a feeler guage set to check the gap. Think they mentioned it comes set to .035".

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I did .030 with batch sparge in a cooler tun for about 75% .025 BIAB I get 80%

Thanks for all the help, I decided to crush and brew this morning as weather and impending kitchen renovation would make it difficult this weekend.

I set the gap at .030 and it looked good. Another thing I tried after reading about it on brulosophy, was to use the BIAB bag I had and I used it in my mash tun. So the sparge went well and no vorlouf required. Clean up was much easier for me as well.

I have to plug in my numbers and see how I did for efficiency. I seemed to hit the gravity numbers beersmith predicted so I think I must have done something right. Mash ph seemed a little high at 5.31 but I forgot to cal the meter this am, so I don’t know about that reading. I did add exactly the amount of lactic acid that was calculated so I think I was prob ok.

Each brew goes a little smoother with less worry on my part.

This will be the Kama citra IPA with a bit more base malt and some double strength cascade and citra in the dry hop later. So a slightly bigger Kama citra but not too much.

I am hoping my brew bucket doesn’t lift off with that omega tropical IPA yeast… It likes the temp 75-85 f. Got the big blow off tube on it now.

Thanks again for all the help, looking forward to drinking this brew.


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Tom, I wouldn’t worry too much as pH is from 5.2- 5.6… There is some leeway there… I seem to be more at ease when I brew by myself… I brew aloneeeee… YEAH YEAH, you know when I brew alone… I prefer to be by myself… George Thoroghgood!! :smiley: Sneezles61


I like Biab because you can crush tighter to really squeeze out some efficiency. I crush at .030 when using my MT but Biab I go .025. Of course I have two different settings for my calculator

I think I was at about 82%. Maybe next time I will lower the gap a bit more. I really liked the bag in the mash tun. I have the ss brewtech mash tun and it weighs quite a bit empty so being able to just pull the grain and bag out was nice.

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Works perfect feeler gauge

Yes I definitely use a feeler guage. Don’t remembe using one since doing a tune up on my car that had points to set under the distributor cap.

My cereal killer has marking numbers on it just use those

That there is old school… belongs in the old timers corner! :grin: Sneezles61


Be careful of hitting too high of efficiency. Many recipes are created at certain level of efficiency (70%) and too high of efficiency can reportedly result in a thin watery beer.

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