Crushed grains, schedule blown

I ordered 14 pounds of grains from NB and it came late this week. My intent was to brew this week but things did not work out as expected. I have the whole box in my fridge at a temp of 29 degrees F. Will I be OK waiting till next saturday for this brew or will that week of time cause me degredation of the grains?

You’ll be fine. I would keep the grain in a plastic bag with the top tightly tied shut to keep any possible refrigerator odors out, but otherwise there’s no problem waiting a week or two. I wouldn’t let it go much longer than that though. It will eventually begin to lose its freshness.

Cool, thanks. I brew in a week.

Get it out of the fridge. Condensation can be your enemy. Just keep the grain tightly sealed in a coll (not cold) dark place and it’ll be fine for months.

Good point about the condensation issue, somehow I overlooked that one. :cheers: