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Crushed Grain Longevity

How long can crushed grain sit around in what I’ll call “casual storage” (a large plastic bag with the opening tied shut and sitting inside a closet) before you’d consider not using it for an AG brew?

I’ve been told anywhere from a few months to a year… depending on how it’s stored. I have a vacuum sealer for sealing small amounts of grain (1lb or under) and hops, which would obviously prolong shelf life. I had a lb of pale chocolate from NB which came crushed that I used for about a year. Again, I vacuum sealed it after each time I opened the bag to weigh a little out and I was only using a little at a time, but it was fine even by the 1 year mark.

Our hosts’ take:

":3e6cxqv7]Crushed grain- sealed in an airtight container 2-3 months, frozen up to six months. (Once crushed, the starches are exposed to the air and molding is more likely to occur, insect infestations are also more likely.)[/quote]

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