Crush Versus Mouth feel

Is there any correlation between the crush of the grain and the mouth feel of the beer? I have been using a new homebrew shop for ingredients and it seems when they crush my grains my beers no matter what temp seem to come out a little thin in the mouth feel department.

When you say “no matter what temp” are you referring to mash temp or serving temp?

Mash Temp

Mouth feel is associated to nonfrementables left in the finished beer. That is why some as lactose to enhance the body/ mouthfeel. My question is, haveyou been checking the OG on the beers you have been brewing. I am wondering of you are getting the same efficiency. That too would give you a “thinner” beer.

Mash efficiency 68-72 not much variability. OGs are always right on the mark.

Sounds like only you are going to be able to solve the mystery.

  1. Double check the grain weights you get.
  2. Try getting some form the new source uncrushed.
  3. Validate your thermometer and hydrometer
  4. Check the brands of malts. Some are more fermentable than others.

There is a variable that is not coming out. I brewed Moose Drool last big brew day and over shot my final volume which caused my beer to be a bit “thin”. I don’t no what else to tell you… I am sure that you will figure it out.

#1 problem is that the thermometer is wrong and you are mashing lower than you think.

If you are using a calibrated thermometer enclosed in a glass tube this probably isn’t the case, but if you have an adjustable one mounted in your mash tun that is suspect #1. I have found them to be off several times in the past few years as I regularly double check using a calibrated digital thermcouple unit as well.

One easy way to verify is to use boiling water and see if you get 212f at sea level.

Are you seeing efficiency issues?

The crush is not going to affect the conversion to sugars or the residual unfermentable sugars. If you go crazy and pulverize the husks and then do your best to have a really bad mash PH then you might extract tannins, but that’s about it for any normal process. Over-sparging can be bad and cause some issues, but no info on your process here to indicate.

Focus on mashing at the right temp and getting accurate hydrometer readings of your results

Thermometer is a glass lab thermometer. The only efficiency issues I have seen is the last beer I did was a barley wine and had efficiency problems due to lack of knowledge of big beers not necessarily equipment. I guess I will have to see how the current beers that are fermenting turn out.

I can’t think of any reason that crush would have anything to do with mouthfeel. Are the thin beers recipes you’ve brewed before? Is the new homebrew shop using the same malts from the same maltsters as the previous shop?

The recipes are new recipes that I have brewed. Now that you have mentioned maltsters being different…The new home brew store in town carries Munton’s MO and I had been using Warminster Floor-Malted Maris Otter in the past. Thanks Denny for the help!