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Crush Question

Forgive me if this has been covered already but do different types of grain have a different appearance after crushing? I recently purchased a Barley Crusher mill and have used it a few times with great results. However, today I’m brewing the Bourbon Barrel Porter and the grain doesn’t appear to be “crushed”. I’ve checked the gap setting and even tightened it a bit and re-milled it, but it appears the same. Since this is the first Porter I’ve made I’m wondering if some of the darker grains just look different after milling? Thanks for your help!

I’ve had crushed wheat look a little different but nothing drastic. Can you maybe post a pic of the crush so we can take a look?

I would but it’s in the kettle already. I was just hoping someone had had a similar experience and could ease my mind. I’ll check the efficiency and let you know. Thanks!

Whats your gap setting?
I like mine in the range of 0.030".

Yes different grains are different sizes . Marris Otter is plumper than Klages or Harrington. I always check the crush and adjust my mill till I like the crush. Specialty grains do crush differently. Caramel crushes differently than roasted malts but since they are a small part of the grist it doesn’t matter as much.

A little off subject but, I started to condition my grains the last couple of times and noticed that the crush looked a little more course. Did not notice a decrease in efficiency but the hulls stayed more intact. I have never noticed much diff in the crush from grain to grain. Rye and wheat start out a little smaller and I will generally run those through twice.

It was definitely a bad crush. Gravity post boil was 1.042 vs est 1.078! Bummer. Guess I’ll be experimenting with the setting before next brew day. Thanks for all of your input!

bummer… honestly, I’ve left my barley crusher set at the factory setting and have had no problems… good luck on straightening out the problem… keep us posted!

know what a good crush looks like and examine your grist before you grind the whole batch or commit to doughing in. There are many good pictures online and in brewing books.

Have you tried conditioning? Kai’s site gives a more in depth explanation than I can. Don’t remember the site name, but if you search for Kai you’ll find it. Lots of good information. I haven’t had a stuck mash since I started, even with 60% wheat.

I thought that everybody conditions now days? :wink:

Do you hand crank or use a drill? I once “crushed” 10# of grains before I realized my drill was in reverse :oops:

If not, they should.

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