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Critique my Red please

I’m planning a brew for a local club only competition and would like some feedback on the recipe so far and some suggestions for the yeast.

The target is an Irish Red Ale (or lager) that adheres to the style guidelines. I love EKG and was thinking of using it 100% and a little heavier than the middle or the guide. I would like to brew this as a lager but am open to suggestions for a good yeast ale or lager.

11 Gallons
72% Efficiency (I under sparge)
1.054 SG
31 IBU (Tinseth)
13 SRM

20 Lb Marris Otter
1 Lb Cara-Pils
1 Lb Flaked Wheat
8 Oz Crystal 80
8 Oz Roasted (80L)

3 Oz EKG 60 Mins
2 Oz EKG 20 Mins

For yeast I would like suggestions.


What roast malt are you using that claims to be only 80L? That seems unlikely. Small amounts of roasted barley or black malt are usually used for red ales. Also what are the c-pils and flaked wheat doing for you? Do you feel like you get bad head retention? Both are going to enhance the body, and IRAs are usually pretty drinkable, medium-low bodied beers. I’d use some character malt - biscuit, special roast, victory, that kind of thing. It’s almost a must for the style. As far as yeast goes, something American with some character or English/Irish would be good choices. Lager yeast might expose the hops too much, whereas you can get away with higher hopping when there’s some ester character for it to play off of.

Good feedback, thanks. The roasted should be 300L not 80L. I agree with the comments about the character malt. I never got around to brewing this so I’ll revamp and then repost here.

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