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Critique my Red please

I’m planning a brew for a local club only competition and would like some feedback on the recipe so far and some suggestions for the yeast.

The target is an Irish Red Ale (or lager) that adheres to the style guidelines. I love EKG and was thinking of using it 100% and a little heavier than the middle or the guide. I would like to brew this as a lager but am open to suggestions for a good yeast ale or lager.

11 Gallons
72% Efficiency (I under sparge)
1.054 SG
31 IBU (Tinseth)
13 SRM

20 Lb Marris Otter
1 Lb Cara-Pils
1 Lb Flaked Wheat
8 Oz Crystal 80
8 Oz Roasted (80L)

3 Oz EKG 60 Mins
2 Oz EKG 20 Mins

For yeast I would like suggestions.


looks good to me. irish ale yeast is always an option

I like 2124 for a lager like this recipe…or if you want to mimic a lager with an ale yeast maybe the Kolsch 2565 fermented at the bottom of the range.

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