Critique my Maibock

All thoughts welcome:

11 lbs Vienna
1 lb. Caramunich
.5 lb Melanoiden
2 oz. Tettnang (90 min)
WY 2206 Bavarian lager

Looks kinda dark to me. FWIW, I use pils and maybe 5% carahell.

Yeah, I’m going to second that motion. Vienna is good, maybe a little pilsner and a touch of CaraHelles or CaraPils.

Personally, I find Vienna tastes too dry for a maibock. Maybe that’s just me, though.

it is - I made a vienna maibock years ago (70/30 with Pils IIRC) and while it was malty upfront, it was too drying in the finish - I’d stick with mostly pils, maybe 5-10% munich and/or some carahell/carafoam as was said above.

Dry Vienna? That has not been my experience.