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Crises due to corona

Pfff major issue. Not enough carbonated beer. In my kegurator. Scrambeld this morning. Did keg beer. And force carbonated. Me home now for 5 weeks. My buddy and i. Drink. And brew beer. But running out of. Kegs of beer. Tomorow keg one more. See if i can catch up. Did grav test. Yesterday. Will do one more tomorow. Hope my trippel will be ready as well. Than. Issue solved

That is a problem. Try to resist drinking the beer before it’s fully conditioned. I fall for that and keep sampling then when the beer is at its prime only 1/2 keg left.

Also focus on quick turnover beers. Hefes, Wit, PA/IPA…

Back up plan. The kriek lambic. Is ready. For kegging. Dont see my sister coming next month. My buddy did just call me. About diving today. He did buy 3 cases. Of polar beer. So our beer can condition. Bit longer

I’ve been brewing alot of Pale Ale and IPA lately because of the quick turnaround but the catch 22 is they are so good that I guzzle them and people want them in barter so it’s hard to keep up


Same here. The idea. We brew. This works out good. No drinking. Before. The last 5 min of the boil. But we go dive. Got a plan. We drink only 2 beers. But this goes. Down the drain real fast. End up drinking more. Because. We dont have to work next day anyway

It’s an endless cycle

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Today keg cleaning.

tomorow. We do brew. Gonna be a pale ale. Fast turn around. Did check my kegurator. Put 3 new kegs on tap. Look at the fermenting area. Got 3 fermenting. So me sort of set. For now.

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