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Creme ale cloudy

I brewed a 5gal batch of creme ale ( extract from NB ) 3 weeks ago. Primary for 17 days then i kegged it. Its been carbing for 3 days now in the kegarator . I tasted it last nite and it was pretty good but it was really cloudy. will this clear up with a little age? Any other info would be appreciated>>

I just did one a couple of months ago crash cooled it then kegged it mine was crystal clear within a week or 2.

Well i didnt do a secondary , i just went 17 days in the primary @ 64 degrees then i kegged it. Im hoping it clears by the weekend . Its in the frig@ 33 degrees on CO2

alls I did was 2 weeks primary and 2 days cold crashing then kegged. Im sure you will be fine.

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