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Creative Ways to Split 10 Gallons Anyone?

my favorite method is: split 5 gallons into a keg, the other 5 in bottles. send the keg & bottles to me.

I brewed my first 10-gallon batch a few summers ago on a wicked hot, humid, windy July day. I had the garage doors all shut because it was so windy. Finally, after almost 45 minutes, the wort was just about to boil. And then the storm hit. It was pouring sheets of rain with lightning all around. The sky was green. I kept jumping inside and checking the radar. There were tornado sirens going off, and I finally killed the burner when I saw a funnel cloud about 1/4 mile away from my house. Down in the basement, I was watching it hail from my window, when all of a sudden I saw my big fat neighbor Bubba (no joke) go running, barefoot and topless across the lawn, getting pummeled by hail. He stooped down to pick up a huge hailstone and ran back to his garage. After the storm, I was back in the garage, raising all that wort back to a boil when he came over, Stroh’s in hand, saying “Hey buddy! Look at the size of this hailstone!!”


“Bubba barefoot and topless” paints a very uncomfortable picture. Man, I haven’t had a Stroh’s in years.

I have been doing this since I upgraded my system to 10 gallon batches.
I Boil 13 gallons for the Primary Batch (e.g. Normal IPA).
Then I drain half (Batch A), chill, etc.
For the remaining half I boil for another 15 minutes adding New Hops, Sugar (maybe) and previous Steep Grains.
My best split was my favorite IPA (Batch A) and a more hoppy Black IPA or DIPA.

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