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Creating a pale ale with lemon gras

So me thinking about a recipy. For a pale ale. Using lemon grass. Any one has been using lemon gras in a pale ale

I have used it in few different beers. Lemon grass IPA was one of my favorite that I used it in. Also done a Saison with it that was very nice. You will want fresh lemon grass the dried stuff kinda has medicine taste of sorts. In my IPA I used 1.23 oz. I chopped it up not real fine and added it last 5 minutes of boil.

Morning. How much lemon grass did you use for a 5 or 10 gallon batch. Friend of mine has it growing in his garden.

I use 2 oz. (fresh!) per 5 gallons in my recipe. I chop it up, and toss it in at flame out. I’ve never used dried lemongrass, but I know you use much less than fresh - perhaps 1/3 the amount?

Me got enough lemon grass. But at flame out does it give enough flav

It was subtle, but definitely there. I also threw in an ounce of lemon drop hops at flame out.

My lemon grass IPA was 5.5 gallon recipe. 1.23 oz was plenty for it. It wasn’t over powering and didn’t take away from the hops.

Will try this. Thanks ya all for the help

OOH southern drawl there Wilco! Sneezles61


Well not that southern :blush:

Haha. Good i do think. Ya all come back now you hear

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Maybe TOO far south? Looks like a big storm may brush by you down there… hang on! Sneezles61

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