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Cream of tartar

Me reading. A brew magazine. So they talk about adding. Cream of tartar. Did not know what it was. So long live google. But still confused. About this product.

Was it a belgian ale recipe? I know cream of tartar can be used for making a invert sugar.

It was a austrian oatmalt beer recipy. They add it 10 min before end of boil

This recipe seems to suggest it is there for acidity (tartness). 100% oat malt, too!

Thats the recipy i was looking at

I’ve used it a few times as mash pH adjustment… Lowers the mash… But leaves a wet dog fur taste in the brew…
I suppose if your going Belgium… you can put what ever you like in the brew…
I won’t repeat using it…


Lol…wet dog fur…what’s not to like? Kinda like horse blanket :thinking:

Two very similar things… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I would guess this is a practice from the days where quality of ingredients and specifically yeast were questionable.
Apparently it can help breakdown sucrose into the glucose and fructose. Brewers also used to add citric acid to their brews so this could work as an acidifier

I read it is an acidic by product of wine… Curious… So I tried it… First brew out, I figured I got O2 in… but my practice post fermentation isn’t able to allow O2 in… I accepted the out come… But then on a second batch… My suspicion went to C of T…
I’ll leave that product for baking…

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