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Cream Ale

Just pulled my finished Cream Ale out of the fridge (First time brew). There’s not very much foam when I poured it into my beer glass. Is that normal? It has carbonation and tastes good and light. But just no foam you usually get with beer.

How long and at what temperature did you bottle condition? How long did you chill the bottle before opening?
Could your glass have spot remover or soap residue in it?

Kept it at around 70 for the two weeks. It wasn’t in the fridge very long and it is very much possible there could have been soap residue on the glass. Don’t know for sure though.

You’ll have to chill one more, or three, for two to three days. Maybe chill four just for testing.

If it’s carbonated but has no foam, soap on the glass is the most likely cause. Less likely causes could be due to your process or the ingredients you used. For example if you brewed this using all grain and included a long protein rest, that would kill the foam. Or if you added anything oily, but I wouldn’t think so in a cream ale.

Clean and rinse your next glass very well. Let the glass dry, then try another bottle.

Even at 70’F it make take another week or more to get the carbonation that you want. I condition/carbonate in my basement and it is 64-67 'F and it usually takes my beer 4 week to carbonate.

I agree with falcon its not uncommon for beer not to be fully carbed in 2 weeks. Give it more time.

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